August 31, 2020

Where does bespoke come from?

The verb bespeak is recorded earlier, before 900. It comes from the Old English besprecan. It’s formed from the verb speak and and the prefix be-, which is used to form verbs.

In the English language of yore, the verb bespeak had various meanings, including "to speak," "to accuse," and "to complain." In the 16th century, bespeak acquired another meaning - "to order or arrange in advance." It is from that sense that we get the adjective bespoke.Our earliest records of bespoke clothing are for corsets, footwear and other things that are ordered before they are made.

The word bespoke technically describes something that’s been ordered to be one of a kind. The word is traditionally associated with custom-made clothing. Bespoke tailors measure a person and make a bespoke garment specifically to fit that person. (In fact, the term tailor-made is a synonym for bespoke that can be used generally to describe anything custom-made). The word is still often used this way to describe items that are made-to-order, such as bespoke jewellery or bespoke shoes.

Bespoke also sounds a bit old-fashioned, but that’s probably why it became so trendy—it’s often used to imply a handcrafted, unique approach to making something.


ILLARIY Bespoke Jewellery

The benefits of creating a custom piece of jewellery cannot be overstated. A piece of jewellery is able to represent so much when handcrafted for the wearer and to mark an a special moment. A standard piece of jewellery can be beautiful but it really cannot carry meaning the same way custom made can. Perhaps you have old jewellery that you would like to redesign, a loose gemstone acquired on travels or a unique idea for a new piece. Custom made ensures your particular piece is unique to the wearer and a real talking point to be proud of.

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