April 04, 2018

First of all, 96% of the opals come from three areas in the outback of Australia; these are in NSW, SA and in Central Queensland. Australia Opals can easily be differentiate by they colour and brilliance. To form an opal it takes salt, water, sand and approximately 50 million years.

What is a doublet opal ? Is a layer of light precious opal bonded to a black or ironstone backing. They are unique and no two are exactly the same. This type of opal do last well in everyday wear. Opal doublets are an inexpensive way to buy a beautiful piece of precious opal without the cost of a solid opal.

How do you care about your opal doublet ? Opal doublets are just a strong as solid opals but because they are glued together prolonged exposure to water will cause lifting between the layers. It’s important to clean them with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent but should never be soaked as it will change to a grey colour if this happens. Otherwise you can send them to a professional polisher that could bring back life a dull opal.

Photo Doublet : Courtesy of www.opalauctions.com

Photo Opals : Courtesy of www.illariy.com.au